What’s your passion?  Why? Art and Photography. They are both an escape from my 9 to 5 hell. Its therapy for my soul. 

What does “SICKY” mean to you? A group of like minded individuals that are on their own path doing what makes them happy. 

Where were you born and raised? Los Angeles

What’s your #1 place to go on vacation? Vacation? Whats that?

How did you get on the SICKY™ Crew? Joining my Creative Cartel brothers, This Means Mar and Gregory Siff on the Sicky Team.

Tell me something weird/ insane/ crazy/ funny/ creative/ interesting about yourself that I don’t already know. Oddly enough I put everything out there in my art. 

Walk me through a “normal” day in the life of you.  Wake up at some ungodly hour and head to my job where Ill work anywhere from 8-14hrs. When I get off Ill try and get done whatever art or photography stuff that I can. Sleep a few hours then repeat. 

Walk me through a “crazy” day in the life of you. Work 18hrs, sleep 1hr, work another12hrs then drive straight to San Francisco, wheat paste the streets till 4am and then drive straight back to LA. 

What’s your favorite food & drink? Sushi, water. 

What’s your favorite movie? N/A

What’s your favorite band? Currently (March 2015) Alt J.

Instagram: @2wenty_  Flickr:  ps://www.flickr.com/photos/artby2wenty/